Welcome to Duhallow School of Motoring!

Duhallow School of Motoring is a friendly, professional, independent Driving School owned and operated by myself, John Robinson. Throughout this site you can explore what services I provide, the car I use to teach lessons in and prices. Should you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me either by telephone, email or writing to me using the contact details supplied.

Each pupil is taught individually with teaching 'geared' to the pupils own standard, with the aim of getting each pupil to drive safely, legally and comfortably. Each aspect of driving is explained, diagrams and pictures are used to show detail. Demonstrations are provided whenever necessary, relevant training materials can be obtained from myself to prepare you for your test.

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What I am

Committed to providing professional, quality driving instruction I am:

  • RSA ADI Approved Driving Instructor Registration No. 35412
  • RSA Trained and Qualified Driver Tester Category B Cars
  • DIR Driving Instructor Register of Ireland Registration No. 1266
  • IAM Institute of Advanced Motorist Test Passed
  • AXA Insurance Risk Assessment 
  • AXA Approved EDT Driving Modules   

 What I do

  • Train pupils to drive cars the correct way and safely 
  • Teach complete beginners to drive 
  • Take special care of nervous pupils
  • Help pupils to understand traffic law and etiquette
  • Prepare pupils for their Driving Test
  • Pre-Tests
  • Prepare for insurance assessments
  • Gift vouchers

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                                             029 50497 or 087-2232270