Lesson Types


Learning to Drive

  • New drivers are taught the basic controls of the car
  • In quiet safe roads, you are instructed how to drive, starting with the basics and progressing to cover all aspects of modern driving
  • Each lesson will build up on skills learnt in previous lessons, by re-capping and practise, new skills will be taught so eventually the whole range of skills can be perfected and mastered

Nervous Pupils

  • I am extremely patient and have experience of dealing with even the most nervous of pupils with care and understanding
  • You will gradually be taught initial driving skills
  • This will be done in a dual-controlled car in safe, quiet areas.  You will be taught to understand what other drivers are doing (or likely to do)
  • When you become confident in your own skills you will gradually use these skills on busier roads
  • This constant teaching and repetition of your learning will lead to your own driving success

Driving Test Preparation

  • Study - ensure you know what you are going to be asked to do - Read, Study, Understand and drive according to the 'Rules of the Road'
  • Practise - theory needs to be put into practise
  • Do Pre-Tests to assess if you are up to the standard to pass your test
  • Practise some more until you are fully ready


  • Pre-test lessons are conducted with pupils about to take the Driving Test
  • An initial assessment is advisable as early as possible before the test to ensure the pupil is at the standard to pass the driving test
  • A pre-test will usually be taken on a typical driving test route.  it will be conducted in a similar manner to that of a real test, i.e. with no help or advice from your instructor, instructions as to where to go and what to do.  This will be marked as an examiner would do in your test, at the conclusion a marked sheet will be given to you showing your faults if any
  • Here, the similarity with the test will finish because I will explain exactly what you did and why the marks were recorded on the sheet and where the mistakes took place.  This means that you will know exactly what you did, assuming you have not left it until the last minute, you will have the opportunity to put those mistakes right before your proper test. More than one pre-test may be required
  • A pre-test requires 2 hours to complete properly and is charged accordingly (currently €75)

Insurance Assessment Tuition

  • Some insurance companies offer reduced premiums or discounts to people who do a training course with them, or who have an assessment with them
  • Hibernian Insurance offer an assessment to learner drivers, which if completed successfully, will reduce your premium.  They also offer their 'ignition assessment to people who have recently passed their driving test but are paying premium insurance costs by not having built up a no claims bonus
  • I am an appointed Assessor with the Irish Institute of Advanced Motorist who are contracted by Hibernian Insurance to do the Ignition Assessments.  I can offer advice and assistance to help you take these and other courses

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